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                  Scheduling & Preparing for Your Newborn Session 



  • We recommend that you schedule your newborn session PRIOR to your baby’s arrival to ensure that we put you on the Calendar! If Baby is already here, Please be sure to schedule within 5-14 days old but I can go up to 6 weeks so no worries.
    we can discuss different posing ideas for older newborns

  • If older than 14 days? I have over 10 years experience with newborns up to 6 weeks OLD so YES, Bring your Baby in!

    Keep in mind that newborn acne, colic, startle reflexes are likely to flare up after day 14. We are trained to edit skin problems and Safety is our Number 1 Priority!

  •  Studio, Outdoor or in-Home Session?

  • The Majority of our Sessions are held in my Studio. I have everything there and it makes things easier. You’ll have more choices as far as themes, props and the lighting is great! We understand you Just had a baby and if there are any health concerns or Mom isn’t up to traveling, we Can come to you!!! we would need adequate lighting and room. We can do outdoor session upon request ONLY. 


  • LOVELY  LIGHT: Our Studio uses a combination of Natural Light and Studio Lights. All lights used are safe for babies!


  • Studio Temperature !!! warm but comfortable- I use a separate space heater for baby when needed

       Our studio is Warm at times but I do run the AC unit. I use a separate space heater for babies that tend to get cold. most babies I have found in the my experience are pretty warm blooded at nature and we wrap them snug. we don't want babies cold or too hot. Safety first!


    Please loosen your baby’s diaper and clothing at least 30 minutes before the session if you want any naked poses of baby. This gives those little imprint marks time to disappear. 


    Most of our Poses require a super sleepy baby so to prepare for that please keep baby awake as long as you can before arriving to studio and hold off feeding until you are in studio unless you are traveling for than 30 miles, we understand babies sleep on long car rides! Do not stress if baby is awake during session. we have our tricks! they call me the baby whisperer for a reason.


  •  Noise-QUIET PLEASE (siblings, grandparents and any guests)
    If you have other children, Please bring someone that can assist in keeping them company or taking them out while we concentrate on Baby. If Sibling shots are part of your package, those will be done first. Only those being photographed should be present to help maintain a calm environment. you can bring a friend or relative to HELP. 


  •  Please be Patient
    Newborn sessions can last anywhere from 1-3 hours. It all depends on baby’s mood and package chosen and willingness to sleep. We DO NOT RUSH! If baby doesn’t Sleep, we will attempt to do awake shots. If After 2 hours Baby still won’t sleep and is colicky, its OK. Don’t stress.. We will reschedule you for another day. But we do everything we can to get as many shots as possible so you will have an amazing Gallery!


  • RELAX Please. Let us do all the WORK
    We’re pretty comfortable holding and posing newborns & we have tons of experience personally and professionally!  We are Trained for Safety!

  •  relax, take a nap, leave the room or sit back and enjoy!



Don’t Panic! this is soooooooo Natural and sometimes comical
we expect it! I get peed on so much, I'm used  to it! That’s what laundry is FOR! We wash all of our baby props and blankets between each session with non-scented baby detergent. So bring extra change of clothes, towels etc* you will need it


  •  PROPS
    We HAVE IT ALL! And we Plan ahead what we will use. BUT, I know clients love to bring stuff. Sometimes they don’t match anything we have or they are too BIG, bright colors or not Baby SAFE! So please discuss ahead of time if you want to include anything in the session. We only allow 2 personal Items in order to keep up with our Style and Brand.


  • Smelly MILK?

      Yes, Babies can smell your breast MILK So if you are nursing, sometimes it is best for Moms to step out of the room until baby is asleep so they don’t continue to cry and want to jump on the Boob , We have a comfortable chair for you to sit in and RELAX! ( yep, there’s  that word again)


    Your baby’s safety comes first! If you ever Feel like we are doing something you don’t want, Say something. You are a New MOM! We understand and won’t be offended!


  • BUT WHAT DO The Moms Wear?
    You're Tired, dark circles, no time to do your Hair? We Get it. HOT MESS MOM CLUB should be a thing! So take time to go get your hair done or have someone come in and do your Makeup? plus we are great at photoshop! we can smooth out lines and make bags and circles disappear.

  • Don’t forget your nails for those close-up Hand shots!
    As far as clothing? Keep it simple. Natural colors, Skip the crazy bright colors and patterns. Creams, whites, blacks, grays, all work well.



We Love Daddy Hand shots Holding Baby so Please trim those nails and Clean Hands are a MUST!


  • T-shirts or short Sleeve shirts work Best! Simple. avoid stripes if possible, they tend to photograph weird. Simple clean white, black, brown or blue T-Shirts!! NO LOGOS please


  • YES, we can do No shirt Daddy Pics! If your confident in your SKIN then so are WE! LOL

  • LAST but not LEAST- NO CELL PHONES can be used to take pictures in studio due to copyright reasons. you can take behind the scenes photos and forward to me to share please.


Packing for BABY! Just Pack Normally

But do it the night before so you are not LATE to your session

Bring that pacifier, extra clothes and burp cloths!


Just Remember to Be on Time. We understand that it takes time to pack a baby and get going and things can go Wrong so if you feel like you will Be more than 30 minutes LATE, we will reschedule you or charge an additional FEE to stay and wait. We have other Clients and to move them around can be stressful on everyone.

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